Five Livetimes

Invaders must Die.
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Riruka ❀ Bleach ~

Hide away all the things you want from everyone else and they become yours.”

riruka : what´re you looking at ? you can look ,but you can´t have any.     

orihime : it´s so good !!!!

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毒ヶ峰 リルカ
    Riruka Dokugamine
"I will never become dirty. I will always be clean and cute. Even when I die."

Bleach 30 day Challenge: Day 23 - Favorite Fullbring 



"… Are you hurt, Inoue? I’m glad you’re not hurt, Inoue.

Well, I’m pretty tough too! When I was little I never caught colds or- H-hey Kurosaki-kun! What’re you doing!?

What? We’re getting down from here.


What is it? Something wrong?”

six hearts beat as one  {orihime week - day 1}


I already know! Even if I scold you like this, you already have your mind set! So go fight! I'll be cheering for you! I don't want my 
friend to die either.  Be, I'll make sure you won't get hurt. - Orihime Inoue, Blank